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  • 3rd Quarter 2020 Update: Mile 20

  • Do Investments Care About the President?

  • 2020: It's a Marathon!

    I hope you had a happy 4th of July! 

    We are certainly in a marathon of a year - And I hope the medal at the finish truly reflects all our persistence. As we head into the 3rd quarter we are in a crucial time while maintaining coronavirus recovery and running straight into election season. 

    In this video, I provide a few quick updates for you regarding changes in our game plan and where we are on the course. 

    Truly, I know life feels somewhat like the late phase of a marathon but the only way to get through it is to keep going! Thanks to you all for being great partners in this tough race. Let me know what else I can be doing for you!

  • 3 Keys to Setting Goals

  • Q1 Review Brought to You From My Living Room

    With the first quarter of the year behind us we’ve had no shortage of things to talk about.  In just a few months we’ve experienced a drastic number of changes yet with challenge comes opportunity.  In this video, I’ve recapped the quarter activity and what we’re currently working on as we make the most of this situation.  I’ve shared a few of the ways I’m aligning clients to capitalize your situation as navigate our way back to normal.